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  • Pelo Camp - May 2016

    May 21, 2016   |   Pelo Camp

    The waters have started to clear beautifully. It’s so crystal clear that out on the mokoro, guests can easily see the fish swimming below in the water around Pelo Camp…

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  • Kwetsani Camp - May 2016

    May 20, 2016   |   Kwetsani Camp

    Sightings were plentiful at Kwetsani this month, but none was as special as watching a female leopard as she washed her cub and played with it a little before the cub went off to hide in its burrow and mom headed off to hunt…

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  • Jao Camp - May 2016

    May 19, 2016   |   Jao Camp

    Water is what distinguishes the Okavango from the rest of arid Botswana, and water is what we have in blessed abundance at Jao, snaking through the Delta offering its precious life-giving resource to this miracle desert…

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  • Jacana Camp - June 2016

    May 18, 2016   |   Jacana Camp

    Jacana guests were thrilled to see a kill right on their tent deck – even though it was ‘only’ a skink catching a spider…

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