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  • Toka Leya Camp - August 2008

    Sep 17, 2008   |   Toka Leya Camp

    Drives within Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park have been very productive. It seems August was baby month with many animals giving birth at this time of year: baby giraffe (with their umbilical cords still attached), impala and elephant were...

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  • Shumba Camp - August 2008

    Sep 17, 2008   |   Shumba Camp

    Africa is a continuous circle of life, and so true it is. Later on that same morning, our game drive vehicle came across a family of warthogs, which comprised of a mother warthog and two tiny piglets. So although one life was lost, two...

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  • Kapinga Camp - August 2008

    Sep 17, 2008   |   Pafuri Camp

    The month started off with a number of good lion sightings of the Busanga Pride and the dominant males of the area - the Busanga Boys. With the herd of ~200 buffalo in the area, the lions have been trying to hunt them far more often than...

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  • Vumbura Plains - August 2008

    Sep 16, 2008   |   Vumbura Plains

    The thinning vegetation has allowed for spectacular sightings. The ultimate sighting this month was when the buffalo bellowed over the floodplains at Kaporota Lagoon, lions moved carefully and cautiously planning their master attack....

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