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  • Vumbura Plains - October 2008

    Nov 9, 2008   |   Vumbura Plains

    This first rains, albeit very brief and inadequate, lifted the spirits of the animal population.
    This October has seen many sad events in our animal population. Saddest of all has been the death of our favourite leopard, the...

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  • The seldom-seen Brown Hyaena

    Nov 9, 2008   |   Kalahari Plains Camp

    Secretive, shy, elusive: all these words can be used to describe the habits of this fascinating carnivore. Although I was well aware of their existence in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve I had seen only their spoor on the roads in the...

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  • North Island Dive Report - Octber 2008

    Nov 9, 2008   |   North Island

    'Aquarium' has again been a special favourite with numerous snorkel and dive trips being organised to this small reef. This site has continued to produce fantastic sightings throughout the month with the chief attraction being the...

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  • Kwetsani Camp - October 2008

    Nov 9, 2008   |   Kwetsani Camp

    This is such an amazing time of the year, where nature seems to soak up the energy from the sun's rays, with everything coming alive. As the migratory birds return we enjoy the sightings of the Yellow-billed Kites from their...

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