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  • Rukariro Katsande

    Rukariro Katsande

    Rukariro (Rockie) Katsande is a well-travelled anthropologist pursuing a PhD through the University of Witwatersrand. His passion is to keep abreast with changing cultural representations. His interests include rural development, cultural, medical, and social anthropology. Rockie is a family man with a pigeon pair of adolescent children.

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  • Freedom Nxele

    Freedom Nxele

    Meet Executive Head Chef in Botswana, Freedom Nxele – a professional Fine Dining and A la Carte chef who originally hails from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. After school Freedom trained at the prestigious Fern Hill Training College where he achieved a Diploma in Professional Cookery and enjoyed the distinction of being the top chef student of the year for two years in a row. He is currently studying for a degree in Food & Nutrition Science.

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  • Nick Galpine

    Nick Galpine

    The call of the wild – and too many BBC wildlife documentaries – persuaded Nick to abandon the smoky steelworks of his childhood for the clear waters and immense skies of the Okavango Delta. Arriving at Mombo on the same truck as the first reintroduced white rhinos in late 2001, Nick soon realised (as did the rhinos) that this truly was heaven and earth. With the ashes of his return ticket to the UK cooling in a campfire somewhere on Chief’s Island, Nick spent the next several years helping monitor the first wild rhinos in Botswana in a decade. Several years of camp management across the Wilderness portfolio subsequently ensued but by early 2014 it was time to check out a different kind of jungle and Nick relocated to Johannesburg to focus on marketing the Collection properties, and pursue his interest in the manoeuvres of the world’s finest taxi drivers.

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  • David Luck

    David Luck

    Dave Luck joined Wilderness in 1998 and is an Explorations Specialist Guide. He conducts photographic safaris in Botswana particularly the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti area.

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  • Ilana Stein

    Ilana Stein

    Ilana has been writing and editing for Wilderness Safaris for over ten years now, and has been lucky enough to have written about Children in the Wilderness and the Wilderness Trust, and to see many of the amazing places that Wilderness operates. She has a particular fondness for baobab trees.

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  • Lopang Lops Rampeba

    Lopang Lops Rampeba

    Lops joined the Wilderness Safaris team in Botswana in 2009 as a trainee manager. He has since worked at a number of Wilderness camps and has gained great knowledge and experience. He is passionate about guiding as well as photography… making the Botswana wilderness a great place to work in.

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  • Cayley Christos

    Cayley Christos

    After glamming it up in the diamond industry for a while, Cayley handed in her glittering Laboutins to enjoy a sweeter life in the African bush. As founder and supporter of the I.A.I.T (Impala Are Important Too) initiative, she spends her days giving impalas the attention they crave, while leopards, aardvark, elephants and the occasional Pel’s fishing owl pass by.

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  • Hailey Gaunt

    Hailey Gaunt

    Hailey is in her second year managing Seba Camp in the southwestern region of the Okavango Delta. Before moving to Botswana she spent five years working as a writer and journalist in South Africa. The wildlife, landscape and people have taken hold of her imagination and every day she’s inspired to pick up a camera and a pen.

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  • Javier Cotin

    Javier Cotin

    Javier completed his PhD at the University of Barcelona in 2012. His research is based on the trophic ecology of water birds and their use as bio-indicators of pollution. Javier started bird watching and bird banding at the early age of 12, having banded over 250 species within Europe. His passion for birds and islands has taken him all over Europe, Australia and finally, to North Island, Seychelles.

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  • Hamish Henderson

    Hamish Henderson

    Born and raised in Botswana, Hamish has always been a lover of the great outdoors. Having previously managed Vumbura Plains South Camp with his wife Millie - and now happily ensconced at Little Mombo - Hamish shares his sightings and experiences with us.`

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  • Anne Marchington

    Anne Marchington

    “So here I am, living on the Abu Concession in the beautiful Okavango Delta with a herd of the most unique elephants in Arica. What more could I ask?” Anne and her husband Mike are the Operations Managers for the Abu Concession and share their bush tales and adventures with us.

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  • Helicopter Horizons

    Helicopter Horizons

    Whether it's a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta, a private charter to the next leg of your holiday or a flight to a remote island for sundowners, bush-based Helicopter Horizons will be there to show you the hidden jewels of the magic place they call home.

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  • Deborah Kemp White

    Deborah Kemp White

    After cutting her teeth in the bush guiding for three years in the Lowveld of South Africa, Deborah joined Wilderness Safaris as a camp manager in the Linyanti. She spent a further six years in this role, including a two year stint managing Mombo Camp. Following this, Deborah became the brand manager for Botswana and spent six years fulfilling this role. As it was time for a change, she and her family moved to Namibia where she headed up the customer care department in Namibia.

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  • Peter Allison

    Peter Allison

    Peter Allison has led safaris in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. It was his love of animals that first led Peter to Africa at the age of 19, and by the late 1990s he'd graduated from being a safari guide himself to leading the training of guides for Wilderness. Peter has written a number of humorous books based on his safaris experiences.

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  • Dennis Smith

    Dennis Smith

    Now at Kwetsani Camp, Dennis has also guided at Xigera Camp in the heart of the Okavango Delta. He is a passionate guide with an affinity for wildlife photography and making the most of the guest’s experience.

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  • Alex Mazunga

    Alex Mazunga

    Alex grew up in the Linyanti area where he developed a deep passion for the bush. Over the last 14 years he has been involved in the tourism industry, starting out as a tracker, moving on to professional guiding for a couple of years at Mombo Camp. Alex now manages Kings Pool Camp and has a keen interest in wildlife photography.

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  • Mariette Dine

    Mariette Dine

    An young Seychellois and now part of the North Island family, Mariette strives to mobilise action and awareness for the conservation of Seychelles fauna and flora in her environmental assistant role.

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  • Duda Souza

    Duda Souza

    Duda was part of the Wilderness family for three months, focusing the Children in the Wilderness camps in Botswana. She is from Brazil and runs a similar community project called Save Xingu. We thoroughly appreciated this great opportunity for all to swop ideas and learn from each other.

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  • Eloise Holton

    Eloise Holton

    After completing her studies in Conservation and Lodge Management, Eloise moved to the Lowveld where she spent a couple of years guiding and leading walking trails. She now manages Tubu Tree Camp in the Okavango Delta with her husband.

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  • Marian Myers

    Marian Myers

    Mike and Marian Myers are living the bush-lovers dream! Follow the bushwhacker and his city girl through their news, views, videos and photos posted on their blog "Mike and Marian on Safari”.

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  • Simon Dures

    Simon Dures

    Simon is a naturalist by nature and is currently researching lion genetics in the Okavango Delta. He shares some of his exciting tales and stories with us from the field.

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  • Dan Myburg

    Dan Myburg

    Dan travels to a range of Wilderness Safaris concessions to take photos for his book and to share his extensive photographic knowledge with our guests and staff.

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  • James Moodie

    James Moodie

    Working in the Okavango Delta has always been James' biggest dream. James provides info from camps in Botswana.

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  • Sue Snyman

    Sue Snyman

    Sue Snyman, PhD, is the Wilderness community and culture Guru, having recently completed research on the impact of concessions on the surrounding communities in southern Africa.

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  • Brett Wallington

    Brett Wallington

    Brett joined Wilderness Safaris in May 2011 and has been a key player in the company’s progress towards adopting the 4Cs approach to sustainability. Recognised by the influential Mail & Guardian newspaper as a Climate Change Leader in 2014, Brett now heads up the US Sales Business Unit, based in Johannesburg.

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  • Josephine Bestic

    Josephine Bestic

    With a background in wildlife and conservation publishing, copywriter and digital marketer Jo has found her niche happily managing the content for Wilderness Safaris’ social media accounts.

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  • Graham Simmonds

    Graham Simmonds

    As the former General Manager of Mombo Camp, Graham is perfectly placed to share all the extraordinary experiences and sightings from our 'place of plenty' in the Okavango Delta...

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  • Anthony Bennet

    Anthony Bennet

    Anthony heads the guide training and assessing department in Botswana for Wilderness Safaris. He has a keen interest in nature photography, birdlife and animal behaviour. Ant has done epic trails through some of the most pristine bush around.

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  • Janet Wilkinson

    Janet Wilkinson

    Janet is the Coordinator for Children in the Wilderness South Africa, running camp programmes at Pafuri Camp and Rocktail Beach Camp, followed by Eco Clubs at various rural villages.

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  • Ryan Green

    Ryan Green

    Ryan makes the most of his passion for writing, photography, travel and wild places to generate and sustain fascinating material on Botswana’s wildlife and scenic places for Wilderness Safaris.

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  • Martin Benadie

    Martin Benadie

    Martin is our birding expert and shares his wealth of avian knowledge with us, as well as tips on photography, safari optics and environmental news.

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  • Jemima Middleton

    Jemima Middleton

    Meet bloggers Callum Sargent and Jemima Middleton. Take one South African with over six years of guiding and photography experience, add a bright-eyed Cambridge undergraduate, put them in the bush and, well, strange things happen! They are based in the heart of the Okavango Delta at the legendary Mombo Camp, where they share their love for the wilderness with visitors from all over the world.

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  • Warren Ozorio

    Warren Ozorio

    After spending some time in the guiding industry, Warren developed a passion for walking trails as well as mountain bike trails through wilderness areas, which he still leads on request.

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  • James Hendry

    James Hendry

    James has worked as a game ranger and researcher on various game reserves in southern Africa. After six years in the bush he went back to university where he completed a Masters in Human Development. James has also worked as a professional musician and is a published author.

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  • Wildernessblogger


    All Wilderness staff have their say here and share their experiences.

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