Abu Camp - November 2013

Nov 29, 2013 Abu Camp
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Summer is truly upon us and if November is anything to go by, then we are in for an incredible season of plenty as life all around us springs back into action.

The temperatures have been hot all month (averaging around 35 degrees Celsius) but for a few days of very welcome cloud cover that managed to keep the scorching sun at bay. The inundation of winter has all but dried and disappeared though the few rains we have received have managed to blanket the bush in bright green as feverberries and mopane trees sprout new leaves to take advantage of the sun’s renewed energy. Along with the warmer temperatures and rain comes the multitude of insect life that seems to be met almost instantly by the arrival of visiting summer birds, keen to make the most of the seasonal buffet. In camp the bounty of fruit provided by fig trees has attracted birds, bats, monkeys and baboons in large numbers, ensuring our front of house team is kept constantly busy shooing and cleaning up after the messy visitors.

Sightings on the concession this month have been dominated most notably by the arrival of a pack of 26 wild dogs from the south of our concession. These incredible hunters have been seen on numerous occasions scouring the bush for any available prey. With the arrival of the rains and renewed food sources many antelopes of varying sizes have started giving birth, providing these highly endangered predators with ample opportunities to find food and provide the younger pups in the pack with valuable hunting experience.

Undoubtedly the news of the month is the long-awaited arrival of our new baby elephant into the Abu herd. In the early hours of the 27th of November, Kitty gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little female calf, which we have decided to name Naledi, meaning star, after the incredibly beautiful star-filled sky she was born under. Watching her first week of life has been one of life’s great privileges and seeing how protective and caring her older sisters Paseka and Lerato have been with her has been heart-warming and no doubt made the elephant handlers very proud. December is sure to be a very entertaining month at Abu so best make a plan to get yourselves here!

With love from the Abu herd.

Managers in camp: Nathan, Claire, Ian and Caroline

Guides: KG, KB and BT


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