Andersson’s Camp – April 2014

Apr 30, 2014 Andersson's Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The weather has been lovely. The mornings start out quite crisp and jackets have been unpacked from the cupboard. The evenings are really great, and with the time change, dinner is being served earlier so the guests can get a good night sleep, cuddling their hot water bottles before their early morning wake up.

During the rainy season, a lot of insects and other animals come crawling in looking for shelter. A fruit bat was found hanging over the computer in the office. We wonder if it was checking email or checking up on us?

With the life-giving rain we have received, the animals don’t really come to drink at the waterhole. But they enjoy the lovely grass all around Andersson’s Camp. They move around from one side of the camp to the other and this gives all of our guests the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife. In our photos we can see a healthy herd of eland browsing around camp alongside a dazzle of zebra. This herd had a few young ones, but they were camera-shy.

Camp News
The guests love the songs our staff sings to them after dinner. It is amazing how fast the rhythm of a song catches one’s foot or hand. Our staff brought some of their traditional clothes to camp to present them to the guests. Pictured are traditional Herero and Ovambo dresses.

Camp Activities
We had some agents from the Windhoek head office stay at our camp for one night, and they truly did enjoy their stay. They even sent some photos. Shilongo, their guide, took them on a nature walk and no-one worried about rain! You can also see that Shilongo is fully kitted for the outing in the bush. He also shows the agents a tortoise, a species which has been seen quite a lot this rainy season. Well done, Shilongo!

Guest comments
“Very personal welcoming and attentive service. Excursion with guide was super!”


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paula french  Jul 28, 2014

we are currently planning a safari which will include Anderssons camp. we will be coming at the end of September - what type of clothing should we bring? Will it be cold at night? Thanks and we can't wait to finalize our safari.

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