Andersson's Camp - March 2013

Mar 12, 2013 Andersson's Camp
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Weather and Landscape
With very little precipitation during the ‘rainy’ season, the area around Andersson’s Camp has changed dramatically. White calcrete rocks reflecting sunlight creates a stark and rugged landscape.

Temperatures have reached soaring heights of 39° C during the day and cooling to a balmy 25° C later in the evening - the perfect temperature for relaxing and watching the waterhole after dinner.

As the environment continues to be parched by the hot sun, the remaining waterholes draw lots of activity throughout the whole day, with some interesting visitors at night too.

The biggest highlight this month was a female cheetah with her three cubs that visited the camp waterhole in broad daylight. The feline family stuck around for some time and allowed all in camp a good view. Shortly after the family left, a large male cheetah arrived at the waterhole for a drink and sniff around.

Rhino sightings in March have been fantastic as we enjoyed quality sightings of both black and white rhino throughout the reserve.

Sightings of antelope species have been really good, and up to five species could be seen congregated together around the waterholes. This opportunity could not be missed by the resident lions, which have presented our guests with many good sightings this month, as they too focus their attention on the waterholes, where their prey gathers....

Guest Comments
“The location of the camp is fantastic and we loved the wildlife interactions at the camp waterhole. The great hospitality of the staff was great and they offered us excellent service!”

“The highlight for us was viewing both black and white rhino in the reserve.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Madri Speelman, Cornelia Adams, Sakkie Hoeseb and Louis Carstens.
Guides: Shilongo Sakeus and Franz Nuuyoma.

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