Andersson's Camp - March 2014

Mar 31, 2014 Andersson's Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Andersson’s Camp received good rain at the end of the month. The yellow “devil thorn” flowers have started to come up all over the reserve, creating the effect of a lush spectacular yellow carpet. After the evening rain storms, the sun comes out and dries up the earth just as quickly as the rains had soaked it. This means that the days are usually hot and humid. On one specific day we received 32 mm in half an hour!

Animals seem very interested in our waterhole and curious to see what’s going on in camp!

Springbok usually mate all year round, but more commonly give birth during the rainy season. We have a herd of four springbok females with their little ones hanging around camp. A blue wildebeest also seems to be remaining close to this herd, often acting as an uncle to the young ones, calling them back when they wander off too far.

Giraffe have moved slightly away from camp, although a few have come to the waterhole during the day so that we were able to get some stunning pictures from our new sunken hide.

While guests were enjoying a late breakfast, a cheetah decided to come to the waterhole. While everyone was gasping at the sight, he grabbed a young waterbuck and proceeded to feed on it on the other side of the waterhole. Luckily we had a few guests in camp who could enjoy this with us.

The aerial picture was taken from the gyroplane when Heinrich and Stuart were flying one morning. Amazing to see Andersson's Camp from a different angle for a change!

Birds and Birding
The red-billed francolins have been very active around camp.

Guests enjoyed a very special sighting during one of the morning drives. The guides heard a Levaillant’s (striped) cuckoo so they stopped the vehicle to follow the wonderful call. The bird flew out of a bush and sat on top of a tree giving everyone a chance to view this special bird. During the same drive they saw a great-spotted cuckoo and a number of European bee-eaters.

Activities in Camp
Namibia’s Independence Day was celebrated at Andersson’s Camp on 21 March. Because Namibia is all about family and community all our guests sat at a family table. We had presentations about the Namibian flag as well as about Herero, Bushman and Caprivi cultures and the menu was announced in three different languages. We enjoyed our braai (barbeque), even though the rain made sure we hurried up! This special day would not have been complete without the Namibian national anthem. Even some of our Namibian guests got up and joined in. After this the staff sang traditional songs. The guests complimented the camp for organising the evening, commenting that they could see our Namibian pride!


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