Andersson's Camp - November 2013

Nov 30, 2013 Andersson's Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The weather has been hot and humid and sometimes very uncomfortable, though made bearable with the constant promise of rain in the air. And eventually it delivered some very decent precipitation: on the 26 November we received a whopping 19mm of rain, filling up all the pans and mud wallows.

Until the rain arrived at the end of the month the waterhole in front of camp was incredibly productive with game sightings, as a wide spectrum of wildlife flocked to the waterhole daily. You could spend an hour or two watching the waterhole from the comfort of your room, with the distinct possibility of seeing zebra, wildebeest, red hartebeest, giraffe, black-faced impala, oryx and even a lion or two.

Game viewing throughout the rest of the reserve was also productive with the thinner vegetation making visibility pretty good. Adding more variety to the sightings for the month were eland, both black and white rhino, waterbuck and steenbok.

Drives into Etosha proved very popular as the wildlife followed the same trend as above and would congregate around the waterholes. A number of elephant sightings were enjoyed, but this will change as the elephants tend to move north once the rains arrive.

Camp News
Over the last month or two we have been constructing a sunken hide by the camp waterhole and this has now been opened to guests. This new point of view has provided some really interesting and intimate sightings and guests have been extremely impressed.

Guest Comments
“The hospitality and service of your staff was some of the best I have seen not only in Namibia, but in the world. The standards exceeded my expectations and would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Namibia. Our guide Shilongo was wonderful and all staff extremely friendly and helpful.”


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