Banoka Bush Camp - July 2013

Aug 16, 2013 Banoka Bush Camp
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July was yet another successful month at Banoka Bush Camp. The vegetation has become crispy dry with a lot of trees losing their leaves, making it a bit challenging for the wild animals (herbivores) since there is less food available for them. The water in the channel proved to be flowing at a steady pace, however much less than we expected. The temperatures have also dropped and on average we are recording around 8 degrees Celsius in the mornings; however the temperatures pick up in the day and then towards the evenings it becomes quite windy.

The game viewing was so wonderful this month with a lot of predators on the cards, like cheetah seen hunting in the dried open areas; elephant visiting the waterholes in big herds; and buffalo grazing along the channel, followed closely and patiently by the lions waiting for their chance to launch an attack.

It is as well that perfect time of the year that the pack of eight wild dogs, resident on the western side of camp, have started to introduce their pups to the outside world and we spotted them leading their young to the nearest waterhole for a drink before heading back to the den.

Since it is the time of the year where insects are in hibernation, food is scarce for the insect-eating birds, leading to different bird species forming mixed flocks and moving around the mopane woodland helping each other look for food. A lot of storks, pelicans and other aquatic birds were seen in the drying waterholes enjoying the fish that were trapped. Vultures and other birds of prey were seen mostly around midday soaring in the sky looking for food far below.

The camp staff went the extra mile to ensure that guests leave the camp with a smile on their face by making surprise bush brunches after successful game drives, singing for them in the Boma and playing games with the kids during the day in camp.



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