Banoka Bush Camp - June 2013

Jul 25, 2013 Banoka Bush Camp
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As it got dryer and dryer in the Khwai Concession, the month of June was filled with fascinating memories for the guests to take back home, as the water proved to be the most important resource of life to the animals in general. Vast numbers of wildlife concentrated along the various waterways which are now full, owing to the annual inundation.

Two of the highlights for the month included lots of activity around an active hyaena den which entertained us daily. The resident wild dog pack has also started denning last month, and after closing the den site from game viewing for a month, we are pleased to announce the addition of eight pups to the area.

In terms of the annual inundation, we have just passed the peak of water flow as the water is already receding little by little. The inundation did arrive a little later than usual, meaning that we may have a longer dry season this year, creating the ideal conditions for game viewing in the upcoming months. What has been amazing is the resilience of the wildlife and how they adapt to the varying environmental conditions. For example, the vast number of elephants in the area are predominantly feeding on tree bark and roots from trees which they have pushed over – a smart strategy as all of the nutrients are generally relocated to the root systems during the dry times.

On the predatory feline side, two different prides of lion have been moving in and out of the area in addition to the resident pride. Conflict occurred when the prides encountered one another and there is a certain tension in the air. On one occasion our guests got to witness a full-blown battle between the resident pride and a clan of hyaena – the two apex predators were fighting over an elephant calf carcass.

On the cultural side, many guests visited the local community and interacted with the village elders and enjoyed traditional food and dancing – all in all completing the safari experience.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Bonang, Mish, Tuelo, Prescila and Langton.
Guides: Chris, Kabo, Chief and Luke.

Newsletter by Chris Nyame

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