Banoka Bush Camp - March 2014

Mar 31, 2014 Banoka Bush Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Despite being the end of the rainy season, March proved to be a bit wetter than expected after we received more rainfall and big storms. The rain has continued to give the area a lush, green appearance, filling up the main Khwai Channel and the nearby floodplains and seasonal waterholes, making it possible to offer boat cruises to enhance our guests’ experience.

Even though the vegetation is still thick and animals very widespread throughout the area, we had very good sightings of predators as we saw the Banoka female leopard with her two recently-born cubs on a baby impala kill.

Wild dog were also seen hunting in the mornings and evenings and the Magotho Pride of lions occasionally showed up on the western side of the camp. Herds of elephant were seen within the area, mud bathing in the seasonal waterholes.

Birds and Birding
It’s that time of the year when most of our summer migrant bird species, such as the woodland kingfisher and Levaillant’s cuckoo, are beginning to get ready to follow their migration routes as winter approaches. We’ll have to wait patiently for their return next spring!

Staff in Camp
Managers: Mish, Bonang, Priscilla, Sarita, Onnie
Guides: Chris, Chief, Lucas, Genius


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