Busanga Bush Camp - August 2013

Sep 13, 2013 Busanga Bush Camp
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As temperatures rise with the coming of the summer season, winds have kept the temperatures at marked levels of about 33 degrees Celsius. At the same time the green flush of the grass is decreasing and brown patches are becoming more evident. Elephants are browsing a lot more due to this and this was experienced firsthand as the elephants were often seen close to the camp feeding on the palm trees.

Hot air balloon rides have begun again making for thrilling guest experiences as they fly high above the plains and soar with the birds as they look out over the beautiful landscape. The steam rising from the bodies of the animals far below and the beautiful sunrise through the misty mornings make this an exceptional activity.

Sightings and Activities
Our sighting sheet is testament to the great month we have had. The king of the jungle has been seen on so many occasions - almost making lions a common sighting this month. At the same time our three resident cubs were frequently seen and are growing bigger and stronger by the day. On several nights and mornings the cats were spotted close to the camp giving the guests an exhilarating experience.

On one particular day, all three prides of the Busanga Plains and surrounding areas were seen at different locations. The amount of kills by lions seen is also worth noting, with most of the kills consisting of puku and lechwe. However, hunting was not the only thing on the minds of our lions as we also spotted two mating pairs during the month.

The most notable sighting this month was that of the three cheetah brothers which have not been seen in a while. Other sightings included the regal sable antelope out on the plains.

Finally, and certainly not least, were the notable bird species which include crowned cranes, wattled cranes, open-billed storks and yellow-billed storks. These were seen in large droves enjoying the vast Busanga Plains. Vultures were common sightings at several kills as they did their essential job of clearing up after the predators.

Camp News
August was fairly busy and staff still held a high team spirit and worked very hard to maintain a high level of guest experience to exceed all our guests' expectations.

Guest Comments
“Had an amazing time with lots of animals especially lions.” SR from Austria

“Thanks to the wonderful staff and their assistance on our trip. Everyone was caring and their services were excellent. The animals were also amazing around here. Thank you for such a wonderful time”. DU from USA

“Well what can we say apart from AMAZING! We saw all the animals we could want to see, lions, elephants, hippos … too many to list all; and beautiful birds. A hot air balloon ride to see this wonderful setting from up high. Great food, careful service, many laughs. An enchanting time”. P S from Kent, United kingdom


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