Busanga Bush Camp - June 2013

Jul 23, 2013 Busanga Bush Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The 2013 season for Busanga Bush Camp started with chilly mornings, with the average low being 5° C. The midday temperatures did warm up to a comfy average high of 26° C however. As always, the sunrises were the most spectacular feature of every morning, as we would often see a large herd of lechwe in the mist, being outlined by the rising sun. This often resulted in our guests walking down to the drop deck for a better look.

During this month, the extensive waters receded rapidly, allowing much of the wildlife to return to the plains. One of the Busanga Pride lionesses was seen with three tiny cubs by some of our guests. The popular dominant male of the Busanga Pride was also seen in the area this month, but now with another male partner.

A number of elephant bulls were seen bathing and wallowing in and amongst the water channels around the camp area.

Good numbers of roan have returned to the area too, and were often spotted in large herds by our guests.

On the birding side, we also enjoyed excellent sightings both on land and along the waterways. Some of the birding highlights for the month included rosy-throated longclaw, Fülleborn's longclaw, secretarybird, lesser jacana, long-toed lapwing, black egrets and some rare species such as luapula cisticola. The African fish-eagle, albeit a common species is always a real treat to see.

Guest Comments
“One of my most favorite African destinations! Magnificent and magical. Thank you for a wonderful stay”.

“Thank you for the magnificent experience in the Busanga Plains and our privilege to approach lions on the vehicle in their natural environment”.

“Thank you for sharing a piece of paradise”.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Chipasha Mwamba
Guides: Isaac Kalio

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