Busanga Bush Camp - September 2013

Sep 17, 2013 Busanga Bush Camp
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September continued with the lion-themed activity of the Busanga Plains. This time our gaze was poised on the two new males from the nearby Musanza Pride as they slowly took over the territory of the older resident male. Initially the visiters were spotted mating in the area and then this escalated to fighting with our local boy. Needless to say we are all in support for our prized black-maned lion “Mr Busanga” but the new boys seem to be tough to beat and now our much-loved lion is on the run.

The rise in temperatures gave us a special sighting of a lionesses climbing up a tree to cool down and her young cubs simply lying down under a dead tree. This was such a highlight for our guests, who were fortunate enough to witness these adorable moments. Even more amazing for a lucky few was the sighting of a serval which was seen on several days taking a stroll in the beautiful Busanga Plains.

As the September heat continues, most of the dambos (open swamp areas) in the woodlands are drying up. This has in turn led to an increase in sightings of our rare antelope species, such as sable and eland as they move to the more permanent water sources.

The resident birds continued to show how majestic and beautiful they are with big flocks of pelicans also being joined by a few of the rare birds such as red-billed teals, comb ducks and Hottentot teals.

The heat has also brought some great advantages to the reptiles which have begun to breed; water monitor lizards have been spotted on dry land by most of the guests on game drives enjoying the heat from the sun.

For more wildlife images, click here.

Guest Comments
“We have already been on several safaris but never have we been so spoilt. The Busanga Bush Camp “Family” were very kind and professional. We shall never forget our stay in this camp and the wonderful drives we had with Isaac.”

“Loved the serval sightings - my first in Africa, also the male’ lions of the area. The balloon ride was special.”

“What can we say – Everything was wonderful from our arrival till the sad hour we had to leave. Wonderful people and excellent service - the food was out of this world. Thank you all so much.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Chipasha.
Guides: Isaac.

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