Chelinda Camp and Chelinda Lodge - September 2013

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Weather and Landscape
The weather has been quite warm this month, but there was a consistent breeze and the occasional gust of wind to cool things down. The wind and dry conditions have created quite a dusty environment. New vegetation is sprouting all over in anticipation for the rains which will arrive shortly.

General game sightings have been incredible, especially of eland and roan which have been congregating in large groups. There are currently lots of little calves of both species in these large herds which is always wonderful to see.

Elephant sightings have been quite rare, but signs of their presence have been abundant all over the area.

A highlight for the month was the sighting of a leopard stalking a herd of reedbuck with small calves. After an intensive stalk, a short chase ensued. The leopard chased the reedbuck down into a valley and ended up catching and killing a male bushbuck. After a short breather, the leopard began feeding on the bushbuck. This was an incredible sighting and we got to witness the entire process. A couple days later another leopard was seen casually walking down a road.

Other great sightings included honey badger and serval.

Birds and Birding
A number of migrant species have started arriving in Nyika, adding more variety to the prolific resident avian diversity. European and blue swallows were the first migrants to arrive, followed closely by the yellow-billed kites.

Guest Comments
Friendly staff and we enjoyed the chance to see a very different area.”

“Our tour guide (Whyte) was excellent- his knowledge, friendliness and humour really made our stay. Although all the team were brilliant - the chef and his amazing meals.”

Newsletter by Whyte, Watson and Apollo.

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