Chelinda Camp and Lodge – December 2013

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Weather and Landscape
Summer is in full swing with rain almost every day making for breathtaking landscape scenery while everywhere you look there is new growth. The temperatures have been warm during the day and cool at night.     

These days we see animals coming very close to the camp, campsite and lodge. Game viewing has therefore been extremely successful, especially of elephants. Early morning and afternoon have been excellent and most of the elephant herds have been seen with young ones. Leopards have also been sighted in the early evenings and one was recently seen with two cubs. There have been a couple of sightings of side-striped jackal on the open grasslands. During night drives it has been great to see porcupine, warthog and hyaena. Serval are always a wonderful treat as they are seen so seldom.

Herbivore sightings have included the large antelope, from the largest – eland – to roan, zebra, reedbuck and red duiker.

Birds and Birding
We still have some migrant birds around such as harriers, swallows and swifts. Most of these birds are seen in open grassland, but once we’re in the forests, the birds we see there are residents, to be seen all year round.

Some special sightings included a an African pitta – a fabulous and rare sighting – as well as spotted eagle-owl, Rwenzori nightjar and no less than 12 marsh owl sightings!

Guest Comments
Excellent experience, terrific staff and very welcoming
Very friendly and helpful camp service. Moses did a great job, it was always comfortable and warm in the chalet”

Contributors: Whyte, Watson, Apollo, Allam, Hastings and Ellias

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