Chelinda Lodge - June 2013

Jul 31, 2013 |   |   | 
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Weather and Landscape
The cold winter weather has set in, with temperatures at times going below zero degrees Celsius at night and thick frost visible in the morning. Lately there have also been light morning rain showers which have further contributed to this cold weather. Controlled burning has begun, resulting in burnt patches of land across the rolling hills.

Game has been sparse as animals look for better grazing. There is concentration of some game like roan antelope and zebras in some burnt patches, probably licking the salty-tasting ash patches, a favourite for all. Lots of roan with calves are being spotted on game drives.

The leopards have become very elusive lately, preferring to stay in the forests for warmth. There have been some good hyaena sightings, with one spotted making off with the leg of a freshly-killed reedbuck. Some of these hyaenas have been venturing close to the camp at night and one can often hear them calling.

Birds and Birding
A brown snake-eagle and a long-crested eagle, which are fairly uncommon to this area, were spotted one of the game drives. A yellow-billed duck was seen hanging around Dam 1 for few of days along with some black-headed herons which seem to have found a home in this dam. The dusky indigobird has also been spotted around the montane forest areas.

Guest Comments
“We loved the little nice touches - the hot water bottle in the bed, the warm welcome from staff and excellent facilities!” Hanlon

“The accommodation was absolutely amazing. The trip was priced very fairly. Our driver, Whyte, was very knowledgeable. The staff were amazing as well.” Bruce

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Shireen  Jan 3, 2014

We had an amazing trip all the way from zambia to nyika plateau the welcoming of the staff and our our driver Watson was very knowledgeble we gonna miss u guys

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