Chelinda Lodge - June 2014

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Weather and Landscape
We are experiencing the usual Nyika Plateau winter weather: beautiful mornings that turn very cold when a strong wind picks up between 10am and 12pm. Happily however, the wind dies down again around sunset. Mornings start out at around 5° Celsius and top out in the low 20s during the day (excluding the wind-chill).

We’re enjoying the beautiful proteas on the access road coming into the park. We are waiting for the burn to have its effect, at which point we can expect the new flowers to shoot through soon.

As the colder weather has set in, we are travelling further afield to see what animals Nyika has to offer. However, the burn has already started enticing slightly larger herds back as fresh shoots come up through the ash. Three days ago we were seeing pairs and threesomes of roan, eland or zebra; this morning there were herds of 10 zebra, 13 eland, six reedbuck and 15 roan (including three young) respectively, all within sight of the camp. So they are on their way back!

Leopards are showing no concern for the human factor, and are obliging guests with up to 10-minute interactions, walking alongside vehicles or posing in the headlights.

Other great wildlife sightings have included serval, spotted hyaena, side-striped jackal, porcupine, and bushpig families.

The air is a little hazier now after the burn but not to the extent of causing interference with game viewing.

Birds and Birding
We have small numbers of resident species around currently, with a few opportunities of seeing vagrants like ducks and egrets. On one drive, 25-30 lappet-faced and white-backedvultures were spotted on a jackal kill. No migrants are present though we are seeing resident augur buzzards.

Guest Comments
Great guide and staff!

So lovely that staff uses your name and so you learn theirs too – it makes it much more personable.

 Newsletter by Whyte, Watson, Lauren, Blessings

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