Chintheche Inn– June 2014

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Climate and Landscape
It is generally hot and humid at Chintheche Inn on Lake Malawi, so we are enjoying the cooler weather that June brings. Temperatures have fluctuated between 24° and 34° Celsius with cooler temperatures recorded on the overcast days. Strong winds whipped up huge waves on Lake Malawi – we must extend a special thank you to the Reservations team for sending us weather updates from the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services. We experienced a total of 116 mm of rainfall with several showers this month.

Our beautiful fruit orchard at Chintheche Inn attracts the magnificent orchard swallow-tailed butterflies with their striking markings. Nocturnal spotted genet are often seen around camp and a 1.5 metre Mozambique spitting cobra was found near the curio shop. Plumes of lake flies made for a spectacular sighting from the lake shore… and a delicious relish to supplement the diet of the locals living along Lake Malawi. Striking blue-tail lizards are regularly seen at the swimming pool while the fascinating monitor lizards are often seen in the gardens of the Inn.

Birds and Birding
The birdlife around Chintheche Inn is spectacular with almost too many species to list!

But to mention a few… birds seen this month include the three-banded plover, helmeted guineafowl, spotted eagle-owl, western osprey, red-eyed dove, pied kingfisher, Egyptian goose, cattle egret, African goshawk, laughing dove, grey go-away-bird and African hoopoe.

Also seen were scops owl, malachite kingfisher, black-eyed bulbul, martial eagle, African golden oriole, white-breasted cormorant, red bishop, green pigeon, African red-eyed bulbul, African barred owlet, European bee-eater, giant kingfisher (male), African fish eagle, swallow-tailed bee-eater, purple-banded sunbird, blue-spotted dove, bronze manikin and, last but not least, hamerkop.

Community News
Lauren Williams and Master Banda ran a tree nursery training programme with the team from the Livingstonia (Stone House) communities for three days – it was a great success and a full report will follow soon.

Guest Comments
“The Camp staff was excellent and with big smiles and hearty laughs – all a pleasure to be with.”

“You have the best restaurant service and beach in Malawi; keep it up and maintain the good standards.”

“The best part of the Camp was the staff. They were friendly, and accommodation and meals were super nice.

Newsletter compiled by Wesley, Sydney, Dinara

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