Chitabe Camp and Chitabe Lediba - December 2012

Dec 31, 2012 |  Botswana |  Okavango Delta |  Chitabe Lediba Camp
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The month of December was a festive one! We had great occupancies and were virtually fully booked over the festive season from mid -December through to early January. The first rains started to fall bringing welcome relief to the parched ground…and it did not take long before a lovely hue of green descended over the plains of Chitabe.

On the 11th and 12th of December we closed off both camps for our annual “Chitabe Children in the Wilderness” experience.

The Ministry of Environment Wildlife and Tourism is working on Youth Mainstreaming in the environment, wildlife and tourism sector. The functions of this unit are to integrate, coordinate and explore opportunities for youth in the sector as they are valuable partners and resources in helping to protect, and conserve the environment.

We feel very strongly about this as well and have for many years encouraged the children of our staff to visit their parents at their place of work and to understand the extraordinary habitat in which we work, the value that it has, the need to protect it, and the employment opportunities that it affords.

As quoted by the Ministry, “Youth have a natural curiosity about science and the environment. They are eager to help protect our natural resources.” We also believe that children need the encouragement of their parents and adults to become interested in environmental issues and through education they can learn to take responsibility for their actions which hopefully will improve not only their own lives but those of future generations as well.

Therefore, each year at Chitabe, all the staff and management put the names of their children (between the ages of 6 and 14) in a hat and we draw out 12 names. These children are then invited to fly to Chitabe Camp in a Cessna Caravan and spend two nights at the camp with their parents.

Each year we close the camps for these two nights, forgoing revenue, so that we can all enjoy the festive season and most of all bring some education, fun and adventure to the children and to enable the children to spend time with their parents in their place of work.

Games and races are organized. Swimming and game drives are always the highlights and simple yet memorable activities like cooking marshmallows over the fire are a real treat.

As a company we buy gifts for the children as well as a variety of prizes for the various races and activities organized. We feel it is important for the children to know where their parents work and what they do, as this helps to give an understanding to the children and a sense of pride to all.

So, for the December newsletter we leave you with a number of images from our CITW party at the camp and we hope that you all had a wonderful festive season and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2013!

The Chitabe Team

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