Chitabe Camp and Chitabe Lediba - October 2012

Nov 17, 2012 |  Botswana |  Okavango Delta |  Chitabe Lediba Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The month of October is often synonymous with being the hottest time of the year, but this year, October was much milder and the high temperatures that most of us were expecting simply did not materialise. Daily temperatures were still in the upper 30s Celsius, but evening temperatures were very pleasant. We had a few passing thunder showers that missed us during the month, which meant that we continued with the dry conditions - but these in turn led to great sightings as the wildlife congregated along the remaining sources of surface water.
October brought with it great news for our pack of wild dogs as we had nine new additions to the much-diminished pack, and we are all keeping fingers crossed that they survive through to adulthood. The dogs are still at the den site and we expect them to make an appearance soon.
We were also treated to quite a few days of outstanding cheetah sightings. Throughout the month we saw three different individuals, two different females and a young male, who would occasionally rejoin his mother for brief periods.
The Tsame Pride of lions have moved more into the Chitabe Pride's territory and have pushed the Chitabe Pride out more towards the north-west of the concession. Again we have had fantastic action with the Tsame Pride who were on a buffalo kill at the first crossing from camp, giving us a few days of fantastic sightings close to camp.
We had another unusual sighting, this time right in front of the camp; coincidentally it was almost around the same time as last year. A large Southern African python took down one of the resident camp bushbuck in the floodplain in front of the main area. An amazing sighting to say the least.
Leopard sightings once again did not disappoint with many days where we would find three different leopards on a single drive. These sightings continued throughout the month.
General game was in abundance, with large herds of buffalo in the concession. Elephants were often in and around camp ensuring a constant supply of animal activity for our guests throughout the day, and we also had large herds of elephant being seen out on game drives.
The summer migrant birds have arrived with the first one being the yellow-billed kites, followed by the European rollers and finally the woodland kingfishers.
All in all, October was a great month with fantastic game viewing due to the drier conditions and temperatures that did not reach their normal highs - all resulting in many happy guests. Going into November we await the first real rains to come, but in the meantime, we can enjoy the "build up" of clouds that show lots of promise, but as yet no breakthrough rains and most of all, the next few months will give us the most amazing sunsets, which light up the whole sky in brilliant reds and oranges, made all the more interesting due to the clouds.
Guest Comments
"Phinley's knowledge of wildlife, Kris and Alex's efforts to make Eli's birthday special - we appreciate it all!"
"Extremely personable and friendly staff, delicious meals, brilliant wildlife."
"Elephants walking past our room, friendliness of the staff - they always knew our names!"
"This camp is wonderful and extremely well run. Ebs was a wonderful guide - knowledgeable, articulate and considerate, as well as having a good sense of humour. We especially liked seeing the leopards. Meals were delicious and staff was friendly."

"We loved the personal attention and friendliness of the staff - first rate. We enjoyed the open air showers whilst listening to the baboons play. So many leopard sightings spotted by Phinley."
Staff in Camp
Managers: Alex, Masedi, Lieana, Kris and Joel. Moalosi and Ompile and Jossie at Lediba.
Guides: Gordon, Phin, Molemi, Anthony, EBS and BB.

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