CITW Cross-pollinates with another awesome community project.

Dec 13, 2012 Community and Culture
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Meet Duda Souza, a young woman with an inspiring and noble mission…

“My name is Duda and I’m working with Children in the Wilderness(CITW) at Banoka Bush Camp at the moment. I’m here on an invitation from Russel Friedman who got in touch with my project in Brazil. I’ll be here in Botswana for an internship in different Wilderness camps; my main objective is to get a better understanding about Wilderness’ way of operating, especially the 4Cs.

I’m a 22 years old and my story begun in the Xingu Reserve in Brazil where I’ve created a foundation called Save Xingu. This organization comprises a set of actions and partnerships that aim to research  cultural activities, protection, recovery, and sustainability of communities living in the Xingu Reserve. I’m collecting a lot of material in different camps, videos and pictures from game drives, CITW, staff, lodge architecture and design, etc..

I’m looking for inspiration, ideas and knowledge to develop a successful project in Brazil as Wilderness has developed here.”

Duda will spend the next three months in Botswana visiting various Wilderness Safaris camps. She will be sharing her experiences with us on the blog – so please stay tuned for more and visit her sites to see the awesome work which she is doing back at home!/SaveXingu


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By Duda Souza

Duda was part of the Wilderness family for three months, focusing the Children in the Wilderness camps in Botswana. She is from Brazil and runs a similar community project called Save Xingu. We thoroughly appreciated this great opportunity for all to swop ideas and learn from each other.

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