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Jul 24, 2014 Community and Culture
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Uaso Nyiro ‘Waterbank’ Primary School named the Greenest School on Earth
Supported by the Zeitz Foundation, the school has been named “The Greenest School on Earth 2013” by the U.S. Green Building Council, in recognition of its positive social and environmental impact.

Community news from Kenya

The Waterbank School building is part of the Zeitz Foundation’s Laikipia Programme’s efforts to develop and introduce sustainable rainwater harvesting practices, which are replicable and can be scaled up throughout Laikipia County.

Whilst the construction of the school building was managed and implemented by the Zeitz Foundation, the design is the brainchild of PITCHAfrica and the project was funded by Guernsey Overseas Aid. It has a unique 600 m² roof catchment area, which can harvest, store and filter more than 350 000 litres of rainwater annually – this means that the students who attend the school receive five litres a day year round. This access to clean water means a reduction in illness and malnutrition, fewer school absences and improved study results.

Volunteers quench the thirst at Greater Segera
A team of volunteers from Engineers without Borders recently travelled from the United States to Sukutan Village, Greater Segera to construct rainwater harvesting systems. The project is a component of a sustainable water management programme, which is being implement by the Zeitz Foundation together with the Orange County Professional Chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB-USA AC). It focuses on developing and introducing sustainable rainwater harvesting designs and practices for both domestic and institutional levels.

As part of the programme, The EWB-USA OC has also embarked on a project to introduce thatched roof rain catchment systems in the village which, once complete, will improve the Sukutan Village’s access to clean water. A key goal of the project is to ensure that these installations can be supplied and assembled and maintained by local community members themselves.

Community news from Kenya

Laikipia Unity League engages thousands in 4Cs activities
The Laikipia Unity League, a Zeitz Foundation project of the Laikipia Unity Programme, has made huge strides in using the unifying medium of football as a catalyst to bring people together, while addressing livelihood and environmental issues through the Foundation’s 4Cs philosophy (Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce).

The League, which is endorsed by Football Federation Kenya, kicked off six months ago and is unique in that 50% of points are scored through football achievements and 50% through 4Cs projects that each team has to undertake on an ongoing basis. Each team is required to have its own 4C project, which they select themselves. Projects include demonstrating and marketing the various sustainable technologies being introduced, conservation agriculture plots, tree nurseries, beekeeping, and the establishments of waste collection centres, to mention just a few.

Academy, School and Environmental Education Centre breaks ground
The construction of the Samuel Eto’o Laikipia Unity Football Academy and Environmental Education Centre is nearing completion, with its elevated football pitch promising to be a major attraction in the Laikipia Landscape.

The buildings are all designed by PITCHAfrica to maximise rainwater harvesting, supplying over 1 000 000 litres annually when completed and will serve as the major rainwater harvesting demonstration site for Laikipia. The Academy and Secondary School will also incorporate an Environmental Education and Outreach Centre and will serve as a Headquarters for the Zeitz Foundation’s Laikipia Unity League and the hub for environmental outreach activities.

The Academy itself will provide facilities and training for 40 youngsters to upgrade their football and educational talents, providing unique opportunities for students to reach their full potential and become world-class football players, establishing them as role models for other youth throughout Laikipia and beyond.

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