Damaraland Camp - December 2013

Dec 19, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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Weather and Landscape
November presented us with very interesting weather conditions – the days were very hot while the nights were quite cold and we even experienced a little rain at the beginning of the month, albeit only around 20 mm. The average highs experienced for the month ranged between 30-40 °C while the average lows were around 12-18 °C.

This month we experienced some really great game viewing, ranging from springbok to desert-adapted elephant sightings.
It was not uncommon for our guests to come back to camp after their game drive raving about their sightings of kudu, baboon, gemsbok (oryx), springbok and ostrich. On one or two occasions our guests were also treated to a sighting of a honey badger!
As far as the desert-adapted elephants are concerned, we have enjoyed some really interesting tracking outings as one of the herds has moved a little further away in search of greener pastures so to speak, while the other resident herd moves in and out of the surrounding area. One of the cows from this herd has a very young baby and tends to stray away from the herd quite often, with two large bulls that act as her personal bodyguards, staying very close to the mom and calf.

Community News
Our camp hosted the annual Children in the Wilderness camp for the first two weeks of the month - and what fun it was! This year we hosted two separate groups of children from different neighbouring communities. Every day was jam-packed with fun and games, but there was always an educational angle to every activity. The two weeks with the children were a great success and camp staff worked hard with them, and ended their CITW time feeling invigorated and enthusiastic.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Maggie Vries, Aggie Aikanga, Sima, Willem Retief and Alfonso Swartbooi
Guides: Emanuel Kasoma, Charles Gaingob, David Kooper and Epimarkus


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