Damaraland Camp - November 2013

Nov 29, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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Weather and Landscape
During November experienced some very pleasant weather conditions and the occasional day when it was very hot. The average highs experienced were between 35 – 43 °C and the average lows between 15 – 20 °C. We did experience some cloud cover now and then which helped to cool things down a little.

It has been an exciting month with the elephants. We currently have three breeding herds and a bachelor group of 10 which have settled into the Huab River. This bachelor group in particular has provided us with some great sightings while out on drive. One of the breeding herds has a new calf which was born towards the end of the month, so it is currently really small but very inquisitive, always watched under the close eye of the mother.

The desert lions have been very active in the area, as we heard them calling on most nights. The highlight sighting for the month was when we found a small pride resting under the shade of a tree. This allowed us a very good and relaxed sighting of these specialist predators.

General game sightings were pretty good, as a good number of kudu, oryx and springbok have moved closer to the river in order to find suitable and palatable grass to graze on.

Guest Comments
“We loved the warm welcome from the staff.”

“The surprise breakfast and dinner out in the bush was a real treat!”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Maggie, Sima, Willem and Alfonso
Guides: Emanuel, Charles, David and Epi


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