Desert Rhino Camp - February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Desert Rhino Camp
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As the month of February came to an end, Desert Rhino Camp was blessed with almost 39 mm (over one and a half inches) of rainfall in just two days. With the onset of the rains we are experiencing cooler mornings although maximum daytime temperatures still reached 35°C (100°F) so the desert heat has not entirely been diminished.

With rain being recorded across the Palmwag Concession, we have seen interesting movements in response by many animals as they seek out better grazing areas and waterholes. This is very typical behaviour for many species at this time of year, and gives our guides some challenges in locating game. They proved to be more than adequate to this challenge however and our guests enjoyed some wonderful sightings of desert-adapted elephant and even leopard and lion. More common animals such as Hartmann’s mountain zebra, springbok, giraffe and gemsbok (oryx) were seen in greater numbers. An unusual highlight was a large Cape cobra.

Following rhino spoor across the dusty landscape and trying to determine whether its maker walked that way before or after the rains; listening to the silence of the still desert night and watching the flickering lightning on the horizon, willing those inconstant lights to guide the clouds our way, clouds pregnant with life-giving rain… it’s a busy time of year, February – a month of waiting, of patience being rewarded, of anticipation… But when those first few fat drops fall from newly leaden skies, anxieties are instantly washed away as we witness one of Nature’s miracles – the greening of the desert. Why not come share this very special time of year with us?

Guest comments
"Just continue doing what you do, your staff has set a post for others to reach, superb passionate staff, guides and trackers. The whole experience, the management, exceptional food, you set example for what an African experience is all about." – Jack
"In the kitchen cooking traditional food with the chefs and staff." – Ilene

In Camp this month
Managers: Aggi, William, Queen, Simon
Guides: Nestor, Albert, Hillary, Johan

We were delighted to be able to welcome Queen back to the Desert Rhino Camp family. At the same time we say a sad farewell to Nestor and we wish him well.


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