Desert Rhino Camp - January 2013

Jan 22, 2013 Desert Rhino Camp
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Weather and Landscape
Temperature variations have been quite extreme this month, with the daily averages ranging from 15° C to 37° C by midday, with two days reaching a balmy 45° C! We did experience a few overcast days that delivered a few small bouts of rain.

The landscape has now become a little greener due to rain - this has attracted good numbers of general game into the area.

It has been an exciting month as the sightings have been great - large herds of plains game have arrived, with the pronking springbok leading the wave of wildlife into our area. Good numbers of Hartmann's mountain zebra have also moved into the area, and most dazzles have little fawns in their midst. It really is quite exciting to watch these little ones who follow their mothers while looking curiously around.
Klipspringer, rock hyrax and steenbok were also seen on a daily basis.

Rhino sightings have also been really exciting as there are some new individuals which have entered our area of operation. This month we had a record day for rhino sightings, as we encountered nine individuals while out in the field - great news for the rhino research in the area!

We only enjoyed a few elephant sightings this month, as the herds have moved off in search of palatable vegetation in the higher rainfall areas.

Another highlight for the month was the rare encounter of a leopard. All the guests on the vehicle had a good visual of the elusive feline before it slipped away into the vegetation.

Camp News
The camp will be closed from the mid-January until the end of March for maintenance and refurbishment. We look forward to having a new rejuvenated camp.

Guest Comments
"We saw nine Rhino's in one day! The "closing" party on our last evening with dancing and singing was really nice and a lot of fun. The stories/talks exchanged with Raymond and Agnes, we loved very much."
"We really enjoyed learning how to follow animal tracks and were blown away by the research and conservation efforts in the area. The camp staff were extremely friendly and caring. We loved the singing on New Year's Eve."

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