Desert Rhino Camp - July 2012

Aug 2, 2012 Desert Rhino Camp
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The weather has been constantly changing this month. It has varied from 3 degrees Celsius in the early morning to 18 degrees. The east wind has blown, but suddenly changes to the cooler west wind blowing in from the ocean. Every day is different, you never know what to expect - similar to the game viewing this month!

Rhino sightings have been just as good as ever. Tuta has been spotted frequently with her calf. Ben has made an appearance a few times. As reported last month, new rhino have moved into the area and seem to call this home now, as we have seen them on a few occasions this month.

Other game has been active in the Desert Rhino area. Spotted hyaena have been nightly visitors throughout the month. Sometimes only the call can be heard during the dark hours of the night; at others, guests have been lucky to see this nocturnal creature at dawn.

Bat-eared foxes have been spotted on the drives. These shy animals, however, tend to keep as far away from the cars as possible and so they are only seen through binoculars.

A huge herd of zebra has made its home around the camp. Every morning one can see the tracks, even distinguishing the small ones from the adults.

Leopard calls were heard at night with a kill found one morning. The elusive animal is very seldom seen but his tracks in the morning prove his presence.

The pied crows have been as active as usual. They accompany the staff throughout the day. Some vultures have been sighted feeding at a carcass a little way from camp. The lappet-faced and white-backed vultures were among the lucky scavengers.

A huge variety of other birds like black-breasted snake eagle, brown snake eagle, swallow-tailed bee-eater, Ruppell's parrots and rosy-faced lovebirds have been seen during the drives this month.

Camp News
To enable the best view of the starlit sky for our guests, we spoil them to dinner under the stars next to the fire. Winter makes this a little more challenging, what with cold winds and cold nights, but a merry fire has kept them warm.

We would like say goodbye to Grace who has been part of DRC team for the last six months and warmly welcome our new waiter, Peter. Manfred is also a new addition; he joins the Save the Rhino Trust Team. We wish him also the best and much luck with his tracking.

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