Desert Rhino Camp - March 2013

Mar 11, 2013 Desert Rhino Camp
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Weather and Landscape
In March, there was no rain to speak of until the end of the month. The landscape is very dry due to lack of rain and thus no greenery is visible. Daytime temperatures ranged from 15° C to the lower 40° C mark. On the 30th of March we had isolated showers and the next morning thick mist clouds covered the whole area and only cleared out at 2pm that afternoon. Since then it has started to get bit colder in the mornings and at night time. Winter is on its way!

Camp News and Upgrades
This month the camp was closed and underwent a small revamp.

A team of dedicated workers build a brand-new swimming pool, a brand-new kitchen and laundry facilities with their respective storerooms in quite a short space of time despite some delays with the delivery of materials.

In short it was hectic but the results were very rewarding and everyone is certainly looking forward to make use of the new facilities in the best possible manner.

As the camp was due to open at the end of the month, everyone was very excited to entertain the guests and share our new camp with them as well as get out into the bush. The camp opening went off perfectly, and our guests were very impressed by the new upgrades.

This month we also welcomed Rudolf, Erika and Thereza as managers and Nestor as a guide. We hope they have a great time at Desert Rhino Camp and look forward to working with them.

Guest Comments
The staff were incredible – very friendly. The food was awesome and we would change nothing at all!”

“The camp staff made our stay – they are super knowledgeable, passionate and personable.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Elfrieda, Rudolf, Erika and Thereza.
Guides: Aloysius, Nestor, Raymond and Johann.

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