Desert Rhino Camp - May 2013

May 14, 2013 Desert Rhino Camp
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The landscape was still very dry at Desert Rhino Camp but a short unexpected downpour surprised everyone one afternoon. It wasn’t a lot of rain but every little bit helps in this arid area where natural springs are the only water source sustaining the wildlife. The temperatures were mild during the day and a bit cooler in the evenings and early mornings, ranging from 13 degrees Celsius in the morning to around 35 in the afternoons.

Desert Rhino Camp had a good month in terms of game viewing even though the area was so dry. Hartmann’s mountain zebra with their young, springbok, oryx, steenbok and the odd kudu bull in the riverbeds made game drives entertaining and provided some good photographic opportunities for our guests.

Hyaena were heard calling for a few nights. In general they are quite shy animals and tend to only come out when all the lights are out before causing havoc in the back of house. One of the guides did manage to capture a photo of one of them close to camp. Lions were seen occasionally in Zones 1 and 3 with good sightings of a male and two females.

The rhino sightings were exceptional this month. A baby that is approximately three months old was spotted and it seems to be growing well. Three elephant bulls have also made the riverbed close to camp their temporary home, delighting the guests.

On the birding front, the month of May was also exciting and guests reported good sightings of a variety of species such as white-backed vultures and lappet-faced vultures as well as black-chested snake-eagles and booted eagles.

Guest Comments
“A lot of attention is paid to detail and it is a particularly pleasant camp where everyone is cheerful and in good spirits/humour. The cuisine is excellent and delicious. The guide is knowledgeable and paid attention to detail.”


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