Diverse Namibia - In the company of giants - Part 1

Jul 11, 2013 Trip Reviews
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Ensconced in the warm, comfortable and safe cocoon that is an Exploration vehicle driven by our guide Jeremia, we headed south to begin our Diverse Namibia journey taking us away from civilization and all that was familiar. Passing through the historic town of Rehoboth, we turned west, heading towards Sossusvlei and the Atlantic Ocean.

A full day transfer was interspersed with multiple stops, with Jeremia giving us history lessons and filling our eager minds with facts that greatly enhanced this amazing country and area.

We arrived at the Wilderness Safaris-owned area of Kulala (place of rest) as the gentle sunset bathed the spectacular vistas in extraordinary light, as only winter sunsets can. Our home for two nights was to be Kulala Adventure Camp, which welcomed the weary travellers into her warm embrace, nestled as the camp is in a mountain. Joyous cries of welcome, hellos and hugs greeted us from Moses and Hilarious the chef (no kidding his name is Hilarious) offering us fresh fruit juice and warm cloths.

The dome tents under shade cloth on raised decks were a welcome sight,  ultra comfortable beds with crisp clean linen and en suite bathrooms… luxury camping at its best: basic, rustic but comfortable with a hot shower to wash away the day’s journey. Dinner was served under the huge night sky with the supermoon rising in the east and the last of the day’s sun in the west, a delicious home-cooked meal prepared by Hilarious to satisfy our hunger.

An early morning rise after a light breakfast had us out of camp before 6 am and we parked the vehicle within the magnificent landscape that is Kulala and watched the sun rise and light the whole area up with a golden glow. We were reluctant to leave but for the promise from Jeremia that there was something even more spectacular waiting for us.

The drive into the Naukluft National Park introduced us to the magnificence of the red Sossusvlei dunes which loomed on either side of the vehicle, making one feel very humble and small in the company of these giants. The early morning sun lit up the dunes, making them glow and shimmer, enticing us further and encouraging us to climb.

But beware it’s harder than it looks ... Dune 45, Big Daddy and Big Mommy did not disappoint while the bone white soil of Deadvlei and bluest of skies made for incredible contrasts, as only nature can provide .

The afternoon gave the whole area a very different appearance as the dunes bid us goodnight… we were sad to be leaving the following day to head north towards Swakopmund , but dinner had us reminiscing and we just knew that these desert images would be forever ingrained in our memories.

Onward to the next adventure and Namibian marvel…
Kim Meecham


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