Doro Nawas Camp - May 2013

May 15, 2013 Doro Nawas Camp
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Weather and Landscape
Winter has clearly arrived as the mornings and evenings are very cool, but the midday temperatures are still quite comfy and even hot at times with the average high for May being 34° C. The biggest surprise was the small amount of rainfall which we received towards the end of the month. Despite only receiving a couple of drops, humid conditions have persisted until the end of the month.

As the landscape has dried up extensively, the two resident elephant herds have literally moved on to greener pastures and have moved out of the area – heading for the Springbok Valley in their search for adequate food and water.

General game sightings have been really good, as all of the herbivore species have dispersed over the area, resulting in good sightings of red hartebeest and Hartmann’s mountain zebra.

Lions have been seen occasionally and we have heard their characteristic calls on many a dark night.

Camp News
This month all camp staff have put in a huge effort to change the dinner venue regularly – often wowing guests. There is nothing better than enjoying a tasty dinner out in the bush, bathed in starlight and the fresh, cool evening air.

Lobster Ink was once again at camp, offering all camp staff training on a variety of hospitality modules.

This month we hosted a wedding which went off really well, with all the guests arriving in traditional clothing.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Agnes, Rosalia and Fritz.
Guides: Richardt, Maxwell and Michael.


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