Drama at the Kalahari Plains Camp Waterhole

Sep 25, 2013 Kalahari Plains Camp
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Observers: Lops, Wilie, Rogers, Godfrey and Peter
Story and images: Lopang Lops Rampeba

Under the cover of darkness, loud growls and grunts were heard. They seemed to be originating from the camp waterhole, which left everyone in camp curious for the rest of the night – what was happening?

As soon as the sun broke the horizon, the camp maintenance team were the first observers on site. They called through to the camp that there was a dead brown hyaena lying at the waterhole! We immediately jumped into a vehicle and headed to the waterhole for a closer look. The first call of action was to inspect the myriad tracks in the vicinity and then to inspect the carcass.

It immediately became clear what had unfolded at the waterhole and how the hyaena met its demise. The area was littered with lion tracks and the final confirmation was the bite marks on the hyaena's throat – most likely delivered as the coup de grace.

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