Duba Plains - April 2012

May 13, 2012 |   |   | 
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Exciting news is that our brand new game drive vehicles have arrived. These have been especially designed by Dereck Joubert with guest comfort in mind and the needs of our semi- and professional photographers staying at Duba Plains. They are perfect for ensuring guests enjoy a fantastic wildlife viewing vantage point and remain dry during the game drives.

The annual inundation has reached Duba Plains, and will continue to flow in over the next couple of months. This alone has made game drives an extremely exciting activity, as the water logged areas require expert measures to ensure that the guests are in the best position to view the action...without getting bogged down in the muddy soils. The new game vehicles ensure that our guests get the best photographic opportunities possible as they are able to get into previously inaccessible places. This has produced some outstanding buffalo and lion interactions.

Photographic safaris have been the order of the month, as we hosted many avid photographers with the latest gear, all expecting to get the world-class images which Duba has become renowned for producing. Some of the highlights that we all experienced included African wild cat, Pel's Fishing-Owl in full flight, hundreds of lechwe bounding through the water, male lions, lion cubs, five different kingfisher species and herds of elephant getting fully submerged in the channels.

The new vehicles will allow us to traverse more amazing terrain which was impossible to get too previously. Whether you are a first-time birder, a returning guest or a professional wildlife photographer, you won't be disappointed!

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