Duba Plains - November 2012

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We still have not received any rainfall save for the showers that we had mid-November. It looks like the rainy season is delayed but the sky is always filled with rain-bearing clouds, so we could receive a downpour at any time. The one benefit of the dry times is all the areas are accessible by game drive - affording us some great sightings!

Most of the antelope species have young ones and even the small wildebeest herd that hangs around the airstrip has seven tiny little calves. Luckily the lions have not noticed these young ones yet, and we will keep our fingers crossed that they don't.

The Tsaro Pride is still around and they have also concentrated to the south and western part of the camp. They haven't crossed to the airstrip side for at least two months now. This could have been caused by the fact that the area they are patrolling now is dry and wide enough for them to move around hunting warthogs and the thousands of red lechwe found there.

The new male lion which has been coming to camp and going back to the northern parts could also be scaring this pride away. This new male lion has been seen once this month and occasionally roars to signal his presence. Surprisingly, the dominant male seems to be ignorant of the presence of this young and "fresh-looking" lion. He has not yet crossed to the other side either.

Elephant still roam the area and we had one bull elephant that kept coming to camp and he would feed on the branches above the tents. He has not given us a hard time, except that he normally pushes the railings off and is thus keeping our maintenance guys on their toes whenever he is around.

Buffalo are still around and they have spent most of their time in the area albeit being hunted by the Tsaro Pride on a daily basis. They have at times shown their resilience by fighting back and fending off most of the attacks.

Small game like banded mongoose, genet, civet, side-striped jackal, lechwe, reedbuck, greater kudu and bushbuck were common sightings this month.

Newsletter and images by Martin Mathumo

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