DumaTau Camp - July 2013

Jul 27, 2013 DumaTau Camp
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What an amazing month we have had at DumaTau! Every month we rave about the game viewing in the Linyanti, but this time, it has probably been at its very best!

Frequent sightings of lion and leopard have almost become a common occurrence, not to mention the continuous flow of elephant that keep moving through camp, swimming in front of our tents and crossing over Osprey Lagoon to feed on greener reeds on the other side.

It also seems that the slight change in seasons has brought a romantic flair into the air. We witnessed the DumaTau male leopard mating with one of the older females. For those of you who have been to DumaTau, you would know it is very hard to mistake this male with another due to his sheer size. We hope that the female has successfully conceived - and a bigger bonus would be that she raises her offspring within game drive distance from the camp.

Speaking of which, we are very proud to welcome nine African wild dog puppies to the Linyanti! With the wild dogs being the second most endangered predator (second to the Ethiopian wolf), the Environmental Department together with the guides made an ethical decision to keep the den closed for viewing for a period of 4 – 6 weeks. Then these two parties visited the den about a week ago and cleared the area for viewing.

Although there is a limit of how many vehicles visit this site per day, everyone has been spoilt with great viewing of the pups! We would like to acknowledge and extend a special thank you to all the guides, Brian and Chantelle (Guide Trainers), and the Environmental Department that were involved in firstly finding the den, and secondly protecting these amazing animals. We are sure that if we abide by the guidelines laid out to view these pups they will continue to produce plenty more enjoyable and rewarding sightings.

The DumaTau team looks forward to anyone visiting us in our birthday month - August! Our camp will officially become a year old at beginning of August and we have some celebrations lined up, we hope to see you then!


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