DumaTau Camp - May 2013

May 14, 2013 DumaTau Camp
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The Linyanti has transformed into beautiful rusty shades of orange, yellow and brown. A combination of these colours and the stunning golden winter light that comes through in the early morning and late afternoon has hosted numerous fantastic photographic opportunities! With the woodland losing its density and the grass thinning out, the game viewing has also most certainly been ‘above average’.

One sighting of note was that of leopard and hyaena interaction. The leopard had made an impala kill and was looking forward to its hard-earned reward. As he was preparing for the feast, two hyaenas appeared and challenged him for his prize; needless to say the leopard was outnumbered and retreated up the closest tree available. The hyaenas continued to squabble down below with shrill squeals of excitement. As minutes passed and cameras clicked away, the leopard made an unexpected comeback. He leapt down the tree, put up an aggressive attack toward the two now-cowardly hyaenas, grabbed his kill and made it back up the same tree in a blink of an eye. In shock the hyaenas spent a couple of minutes sniffing around until they realised what had happened - leopard 1, hyaena 0 - this time!

The concentrations of elephant filtering through the Linyanti have increased as we get deeper into the winter months. DumaTau is based on the edge of Osprey Lagoon and this has allowed for our guests to enjoy elephant crossings day in and day out, either from the comfort of their veranda or whilst enjoying a cocktail in the lounge area.

Another regular visitor to camp has been the Osprey Female leopard. Although she can be quite shy, she is still relaxed and patrols the boardwalks in the early evenings. On more than one occasion she has been viewed from the dining room as she passes the main entrance and all of this while guests are enjoying their dinner. She has even gone as far as killing a male impala between Tents 3 and 4 for some dinner of her own.

The favourite local at DumaTau though is Pudge; if you have been to DumaTau within the last month or two you would have probably met (or heard about) this confident and independent individual – the bushpig! He seems to have taken a liking to the blue bush below the bar area and you may sometimes be lucky to catch sight of him as he awakens for his feeding frenzy.

May was nothing short of an exciting month! And as the temperatures continue to drop, the guests are enjoying the warmth of the “bush babies” or hot water bottles prepared for them on the morning drives. The stylish ponchos handed out by the guides also help to keep everyone snug as the breeze gets the day started.

If you are visiting us within the winter period, be sure to bring some extra layers, but with that – also be sure to bring along plenty of memory cards for the cameras! The days are action packed and the evenings, well, we don’t want to spoil any surprises...


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