DumaTau Camp - November 2013

Nov 28, 2013 DumaTau Camp
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November in the Linyanti almost certainly means the arrival of the summer rains which provide the landscape and wildlife with life-giving waters. Vegetation that has been lying dormant for the last couple of months suddenly springs to life, covering the area with an emerald green glow which is both beautiful and frustrating, as the foliage hides some of the more elusive residents.

The rains also bring with them a fantastic chance to see new-born impala and warthog babies… and with that, as you might expect, a plethora of predators. And what a show they have given us this month!

Of all the resident predators, the wild dogs have been taking full advantage of the newly born as the resident wild dog packs currently have 15 pups to look after. Having so many pups is not only great for the area and the conservation of the species, but also for our guests who have been afforded some incredible insights into these fragile animals.

With our average daily temperatures reaching a balmy 34 °C the elephants have been taking full advantage of the lagoon in front of the camp crossing from bank to bank or just taking a daily swim… seemingly for the entertainment of our guests as they tuck into another fantastic meal or simply take in the view with an ice cold drink from the comfort and luxury of our barge.

Some of the more unusual sightings this month while out on game drives have been a black mamba, a leopard with a cub, hyaena feeding on an elephant carcass, wild dog pups fighting over an impala head and a ruddy turnstone.

When all of this is taken into account it is hard to find a reason NOT to visit Duma Tau and experience the powerful beauty of the Linyanti!


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