Get to know your Guide: Gugulethu Mathenjwa - Rocktail Beach Camp

Apr 24, 2013 People of Wilderness
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I am a guide and I specialise in "turtle tours." I have worked at Rocktail Bay for 23 years, so from long before Wilderness Safaris started here. I used to work for the Natal Parks Board and I helped build Rocktail Bay Lodge. When Wilderness took over at Rocktail in 1992, I was approached to work for them and happily, I have been with them ever since. 

I love working with turtles and doing research to help them. Wilderness Safaris is the only company that offers me an opportunity to be a guide where I can work with turtles. Ecotourism is very important to me. I like working in conservation and research and it allows me to support my family while doing it.

Wilderness helps to teach people to look after what they have and not to disturb animals like the turtles on the beach. They also help the communities to educate children and they help and support many families.

One of my favourite memories: Some time ago on a night turtle drive we found a loggerhead turtle who had come onto the beach to nest. Straight away, I noticed that she had no back flippers and she could not dig into the sand so I lay down on the sand behind her and started digging. I have watched many turtles make nests so I knew how big and deep a hole was needed. After digging the hole she dropped her eggs in one by one and when she was done I covered them up just as she would have.

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