Get to Know Your Guide: Jeremia Mwapopi

Jul 9, 2014 People of Wilderness
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Explorations guide Jeremia was born in Namibia's far northern Owamboland, to the ululations of women dancing barefoot in the soft sand and the beat of cowhide drums. His daily chores were herding cattle and cultivating millet crops. During school holidays he would visit his father who worked at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Etosha National Park.

Get To Know Your Guide Jeremia Mwapopi

After completing his schooling, his interest in nature was affirmed when he was introduced to Dr Peter Morkel, the renowned rhino veterinarian. He started working as a veterinary assistant to Dr Morkel, before expanding his experience elsewhere. He met up with Dr Morkel some years later and assisted him with game capture operations in South Africa and Botswana. In 1998 he returned to Namibia to work as a veterinary assistant and game capture supervisor.

In 2000, he went to study hotel management with Namib Sun Hotels and then joined CC Africa (now andBeyond) where he became a guide. In 2008 Jeremia joined the Wilderness Safaris team as an Explorations guide. He is continuing his studies at the Namibian Academy for Tourism and Hospitality on a part time basis in order to become a specialised guide.

Jeremia calls nature his home, conservation his pillow, trees his office and wildlife his media. 


Have a look at Jeremia's most recent Explorations 'Diverse Namibia' itinerary and photo gallery here.

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