Going Bananas on North Island

Sep 13, 2012 North Island
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Sighting: Going Bananas on the Island
Location: North Island, Seychelles
Observers: Linda Vanherck
Photographer: Linda Vanherck
Most of us know post-rat-eradication means "moorhens galore" on the island. Indeed, after the successful eradication of the black rat (ship rat) in September 2005, this originally shy marsh rail (not a duck, folks!) - which could only be spotted occasionally -stalking between the reeds, has rapidly spread across ALL habitats on the island as a result of the falling away of the main predators of their eggs, chicks (ground breeders) and even adults.
With increasing numbers and food competition going up, the birds rapidly became opportunistic feeders, picking at whatever they can get their beaks on!
We thought finding them feeding on a squashed coconut that was driven over on the open grasslands between the foraging turnstones, and between the pumpkins in our vegetable garden was remarkable and thought "we had seen it all."
Until today, when passing the banana trees in the veggie garden, we stumbled upon this bold tree climber, "going BANANAS" - quite literally!

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