Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is open!

Aug 11, 2014 Trip Reviews
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Climate and Landscape
As always in this part of Namibia, the weather can change rapidly but it all adds to the experience. We had a few hot days combined with drizzle and cool misty mornings. Just as we thought winter was over, the days became cool again with the westerly winds making our nights and mornings pretty icy. We have now made a couple of excursions to Möwe Bay and guests have absolutely loved the scenic flights and aerial views of flamingos before finally meeting for lunch at the Oasis. We’ve also explored the Hoanib River and even headed south into the rocky desert of the Hunkab area resplendent with the golden grass plains over the basalt mountain ranges of Kaokoveld.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Then there is that Namibian wonder, Welwitschia mirabilis. Within walking distance of camp, on top of two hills, you will find two of these incredible plants with majestic leaves of roughly one metre in length and in near-mint condition considering the harsh desert sun and winds.

Desert-adapted lion were perhaps the overwhelming highlight! We were enchanted to find the Five Musketeers and their mothers roaming through camp, which set us on a mission to find them. Words cannot describe the adrenaline and awesomeness of meeting this remarkable pride. Having five male free-roaming lions walk at arm’s length past you at a time when they are so rare and threatened is indescribable; we are truly blessed at Hoanib!

Lion spoor at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

To add to this amazing introduction, we finally see the return of the oryx. When we arrived a month ago there were only lone bulls, but at the moment we are regularly noticing more herds of oryx roaming in – no doubt for the albida pods in the riverbed. The springbok have become more comfortable with the camp and have started visiting more. The elephant are a little far away, but still make their regular camp visits; especially the lone bull. To top off all these amazing wildlife discoveries, guests on a full day activity found a black rhino; very unusual for this part of north-west Namibia.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
Other animals in the mix were graceful pink flamingo, Cape fur seal, brown hyaena, Cape fox, giraffe (lots and lots) and the impressive Hartmann’s mountain zebra.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Guest Comments
“Highlight was lunch at Skeleton Coast, lunch in river bed and all the walks.”
“All the excursions were 10/10. Visiting the Arctic and seeing the polar bears was special, but this space is just magical.”
“Highlight was the Black Rhino and day trip to Skeleton Coast.”
“Highlight was the variety of wildlife in the riverbed, lions, flying over Skeleton Coast and Mowe Bay Museum.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Clement (General Manager), Johan (Maintenance Manager), Fatima (Food & Beverage Manager), Brecit Hebach (Housekeeping Manager) & Mari-Nella (Administrative & Assistant Relief Manager)
Guides: Emmanuel, Gert, Arnold & Charles

For more lovely photos from from the camp have a look at Birgit Bekker's album here

News update by Mari-Nella

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