Jacana Camp – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Jacana Camp
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Climate and Landscape
An African jacana tiptoes over the water, moving graciously from one lily pad to the next. Jacana Camp lies just as silent and peaceful between the water lilies and reeds. The little island with its palm trees and huge fig trees has a tranquillity that can only be understood once you have experienced it.

I watch a red-haired boy sling the scarf a second time around his neck, his sister sitting opposite him holding a cup of early morning coffee with both hands. The air is fresh and the wind has a crisp morning breath. The island is still cold from the night and we watch the warm rays of the sun with hope as it comes up in the east.  After breakfast everyone gets into the boat, Moruti starts the engine and they take off; we wave as the boy and his sister head off towards the sun. What wonders will this day hold for them in the Delta?

Midnight skinny-dipping in Jacana’s pool was the only thing on Harry’s mind as he walked through the silent camp. He took a shortcut through the bushes knocking over one of the boma chairs as he clumsily passed. He made deep footprints in the sand as he walked straight to the clean, clear water glistening in the moonlight.

It seems he had often thought of swimming in this pool. That night was the night he would do it but as he was about to step onto the deck he hesitated for a moment, wondering if he would actually fit into the pool. Little did he know that fitting into the pool was not the problem – getting to it was.

He took a bold step onto the deck and the narrow walkway squeaked under his weight. Just as he took a second step the planks gave way underneath him and his heavy hippo body fell flat onto the ground, his short hippo legs sticking through the deck. He struggled for quite a while to get out of this pickle, eventually succeeding and reversing back off the walkway. With a heavy heart Harry the Hippo returned to the Delta waters, having to accept the fact that swimming pools were not made for hippos and that all his midnight eating had finally caught up with him.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Andre and Estie van Rensburg
Guides: Moruti Maipelo, Kenni Tshoganyetso, TH Mahongo


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