Jacana Camp – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Jacana Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Jacana is a little piece of heaven, an island in the middle of the Delta. A place to find your soul, to put down your bags and just breathe again. It is still winter here in the Jao Concession and nature does not allow one to forget this, especially in the mornings with the icy kiss of the wind that glides over the water. Midday warms up nicely and it’s the perfect time to take nap in a hammock under the palm trees.

It looks like the Delta has reached its equilibrium of water and land and all is at peace above the surface. Underwater it’s a different story though, with hippos snorting and fighting and mating, crocodiles, fish and frogs all swimming and diving… all while an African jacana silently tiptoes across the water lilies and three elephants make their way across the channel, the littlest one in the middle.

Life on Jacana Island is good; Harry the hippo still visits every night and the monkeys are still up to mischief. A red-billed spurfowl family has moved into the neighbourhood and the five little ones are running after their mother pecking at any and everything.

Camp Activity
We have had the pleasure of the most wonderful guests visiting us at Jacana this month. A lot of good conversations were enjoyed around the camp fire and over early morning coffee on the deck overlooking the water as the sun comes up in the east.

Camp News
The Jacana team has a few new additions. Transferred from Jao Camp, the new couple Andre and Estie van Rensburg took over management while Kenny is a new guide to our team, but not to the field. His knowledge and experience keep on impressing and with his well-spoken English it’s a pleasure to be in his company.

Til next time,
The Jacana Team


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