Kim Meecham Explores Linyanti and Gomoti Camps

Jul 25, 2014 Trip Reviews
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"I am probably one of the loudest supporters of Wilderness Safaris’ Explorations product, so when the opportunity to visit our Linyanti Discoverer Camp and see its new upgraded main area as well as the much talked-about ‘new camp on the block’, Gomoti Tented Camp, my bags were packed before anyone could change their minds… Needless to say both camps did not disappoint and I had an overwhelming urge to weep like a proud mother, so proud was I to be part of this offering of special staff working in amazing camps located in breathtaking places (OK yes, I am biased!) …

My ‘caretaker’ for the six days was Lazarus Moalosi, a much sought-after Explorations guide, so to be in his company was a real privilege as every day I learned something new and laughed so hard at his stories about the life of a Botswana guide.

My companions included the legendary former guide, pilot and photographer Mike Myers who too had stories to tell and had us all in hysterics, his beautiful wife Marian, who charmed us with her thought-provoking philosophical reflections as well as the indomitable Ilana Stein, with her brilliant mind and understanding of our product and how best to showcase it with her creative writing. Wonderful company indeed!

Explorations’ Journeys are all about creating memorable experiences in the company of a private guide who takes you on a life-changing journey through our beautiful camps situated in extraordinary locations, each one very different from the last, thus giving our guests a truly WOW experience.

Explorations GWJ Botswana Camps

Linyanti Discoverer Camp is the first Botswana camp on our Great Wilderness Journey and the upgraded main area is really wonderful. Clean square lines, with muted grey tones and funky acidic yellow accessories to lift the monochrome impression – bringing a ‘New York loft’ feel to the bush, with the difference being a very wild and beautiful Linyanti River as your view and warnings not to walk around by yourself after dark – it’s wild!

Explorations GWJ Botswana

The camp is run by the wonderful Alchol who is the camp manager and his able team from back of house, notably the very funny Connie and the charming Abby. Our days were filled with lion, wild dog, elephant, leopard and various plains game, with spectacular sightings of giant eagle-owls and magnificent bateleur eagles resplendent in their red and black uniforms. An up close and personal meeting with a bull elephant in full musth, with perfect tusks and the aggression and confidence of maturity that made Laz switch off the vehicle for us to catch our breath in his presence and watch him take control of the road we were on. Needless to say after he passed our vehicle, we continued to hold our breath, and not through respect or fear but from his masculine scent which was truly overwhelming!

Gomoti Tented Camp has already earned the nicknamed bontsi (meaning abundance) for its wealth of beauty, location and animals – everywhere you look there is something to see and watch. Impala , kudu, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo, elephant, lion and leopard calling at night and in camp whilst we were out on game drives. There are wild dog, ground hornbills and birds, birds, birds… everywhere, a beautiful crimson-breasted shrike as well as its yellow morph causing an eruption from the vehicle among the twitchers! It was like watching a tennis match – heads swinging from side to side trying to take it all in.

Explorations GWJ Botswana Camps

Gomoti Tented Camp is set under large acacia trees and epitomises our Explorations experience – a luxury bush camp, simple but beautifully decorated with all the comforts of home. Gideon is the camp manager anmd an avid soccer fan so there was much debate around the fire at night around the World Cup Soccer; his camp staff are just as charming and helpful, and special mention must be made of Helen and Jaqueline who took care of our every need, from serving breakfast in the mornings to showing us new and exciting ways to fold napkins for a very special bush dinner.

Explorations GWJ Botswana Camps

Gomoti Tented Camp replaces Khwai Discoverer Camp on our Great Wilderness Journey and I defy anyone not to be blown away by this little slice of bontsi that we are so proud to share with you all.

Come and visit soon!"

By Kim Meecham, Explorations Operations

Photos © Mike Myers

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