Kings Pool Camp – February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Kings Pool Camp
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Weather and Landscape
We enjoyed a total of 86 mm of rain this month, and the concession is green and lush. The temperatures were stable with an average maximum temperature of 34° Celsius and the average minimum of 19°. 75% of the days were overcast, providing us with cool mornings and pleasant afternoons.

The LTC African wild dog pack, as always, was a great pleasure to observe and follow as they continued with the never-ending quest to find their next meal. Truly, they seem to have perfected the art of hunting and were seen a number of times during the month taking down yet another animal. The Kings Pool Pack of eight also provided some great viewing and was seen more than once in close proximity to camp.

The hyaena pups are growing at a rapid rate and are starting to venture further out of their den when their mother is out looking for food. They provide the guests with some great photo opportunities as they became more inquisitive with each passing day. Most people see hyaenas as scavengers but some lucky guests discovered they are effective predators too, as they witnessed a clan take down and devour a young female kudu.

There is a new pride of lions consisting of two females and two sub-adult females that has come onto the Concession. We have not yet seen them on a kill, but they are looking healthy and we are all hoping that they will make the Linyanti their permanent residence.

Slender, the female leopard, was seen near the purple pod area looking very relaxed and sniffing around.

Birds and Birding
One juvenile and two adult wattled cranes have taken up residence near the sunken hide and these large and majestic birds provided some excellent photographic opportunities for many avid birdwatchers. The European bee-eaters have started their long journey north. We also have a giant kingfisher that has taken up residence outside Tent 4.


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