Kulala Desert Lodge - March 2011

Mar 30, 2011 Kulala Desert Lodge
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Some of the guests commented that we make the best Gin and Tonics, but we believe the sunset scenes that we've had this month must make the sundowners taste that much more special. It is clearly all the cloud movement in the area which is allowing for these dramatic skylines in the early evening.

The rains have blessed us with interesting sightings this month such as the Lanner Falcon, Crowned Lapwing, Burchell's Courser, African Harrier Hawk and Black Kites. Kobus, our guide, has almost doubled his species checklist due to the rain.

Bird Ringing
Kobus has also been ringing birds on Kulala Reserve. 23 species and around 150 birds were ringed. The most recent on the species list are Spotted Thick-knee, Pied Crow, Grey-backed Sparrowlark, Stark's Lark and Namaqua Dove.

Camp News
On 19 March, we had our first full house for the year with forty guests in the lodge. It is during these times that we realize how well we work under pressure... in fact we seem to work better when we are super busy. Clearly this is a sign that we are now ready to deal with the busy season, so bring it on!

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