Kulala Desert Lodge - September 2011

Oct 3, 2011 Kulala Desert Lodge
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The month of September threw a curve ball at us regarding the weather. Just as we thought summer was here, we were whipped by a cold front, followed by some cloudy days and then by a stretch of some very hot and dry conditions.

Apart from the mindblowing scenery, the wildlife also provided some great sightings with some rare species making an appearance.

A highlight for the month was when Petrus and his guests found a brown hyaena, which was very accommodating to the guests' needs by slowly walking right in front of the vehicle.

Charles, a guide from Wilderness Explorations, was here on a trip in the first week of September and made a very good and unusual discovery at Dune 45; he and his guests came across a snake. After some time they managed to identify the serpent - it was a dwarf beaked snake. This particular species is found throughout Namibia but is historically restricted to more rocky terrain. The snake stuck around, allowing the guests a couple of photographs before slithering away. A very special sighting indeed.

The bird ringing project is going very well, with Kobus being able to ring over 50 species. This is a very important project as it will provide us with some important information regarding the breeding dynamics and distribution of the Namibian birds. The latest additions to the species list being ringed are Ruppell's Korhaan and Double-banded Courser.

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