Latest Exploration trip report – The Great Namibian Journey

Oct 14, 2013 Trip Reviews
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Having one guest on a trip is unusual but also rather special, as it becomes a very personal journey for both the guide and guest.

The drive from Windhoek to Sossusvlei via Remhoogte Pass was interspersed with watching warthog along the dry riverbed following the green lush vegetation. My guest enjoyed the morning dune visit, but we did not do an afternoon activity due to the strong south-westerly wind so we used the afternoon in camp to identify both birds and animals my guest had seen on previous visits to Africa – it was an enjoyable afternoon!

The next day we headed for Swakopmund and got to witness a storm blow in from the Atlantic and drop a deluge of water over the desert environment. We drove along the Skeleton Coast to Damaraland which was just spectacular! The lichen fields’ reaction to the rain produced a myriad assorted colours along the coastal road. We took the opportunity to stop for lunch at one of the shipwrecks that litter this coast; in this case, one that had taken place in 1976.

Following the rain, Damaraland was quite a lot cooler than what we had experienced on the previous days, offering us some respite from the dry heat. Our focus in the area was to track the desert-adapted black rhino – what an incredible experience!

From Damaraland, we headed to Ongava Tented Camp for three nights and were entertained by a pride of 18 lions for the entire time. This pride had taken up residence in the camp area and was heard calling every night. We also found them on most drives. My guest said that viewing lions in Namibia was one of the major reasons for visiting.

The food and service was excellent in all the camps and the service amazing – especially the warm welcome into every camp.

It was simply a wonderful trip!

Jeremia Mwapopi

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