Little Kulala - August 2011

Aug 29, 2011 Little Kulala
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Weather and Landscape
We are anticipating spring as the days are becoming gradually longer and warmer. Early mornings often surprise us with fog hanging low on the ground together with a very chilly temperature which forces us to take a jersey along on activities. Guests coming from Wolwedans said they experienced a temperature of -2° C with snow on the dunes! The weather patterns never cease to surprise and we experienced a day of winter rainfall toward the end of August and some unconfirmed reports of snow in Maltahohe, the closest small town.

Wildlife sightings have been rather good during the month, and as the environment is starting to warm up, the desert dunes are transforming into hives of activity, with activity from the big and small Namibian wonders.

The wildlife highlight for the month was the sightings of aardwolf. On one occasion, we came across two different sightings on the same drive, definitely not a common occurrence anywhere. We have also been very lucky with cheetah sightings, as we often encountered a female with four young offspring.

With the temperatures increasing, the reptile forces are coming out of hibernation and taupe, often showing themselves to the guests while out on activity. We have had regular sightings of puff adders and black spitting cobras.

Camp News
Little Kulala had the honour to be chosen as one out of three camps in Namibia to be filmed and trained by Lobster Inc. (a hospitality training group). We had a wonderful and inspirational experience with Tim and Alistair who gave us all insight on true service, interesting wine facts and the importance of looking after our guests. There is nothing quite like a happy and satisfied guest departing camp who in turn always reminds us why we love working for Wilderness Safaris. We look forward to the training to be in full operation to better our guest experience.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Ivan Phillipson, Bona Flory, Emsie Skrywer and Elaine Cerva.
Guides: Clement Lawrence, Mu-gusto, Willem Rooi, Elaine Hutton and Abner Shigwedha.

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